5.6 can someone right now Read the excerpt from The Princess and the Goblin by George

5.6 can someone right now
Read the excerpt from The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald. Then, answer the question that follows.”There!” said the boy, as he stood still opposite them. “There” that’ll do for them. They can’t bear singing, and they can’t stand that song. They can’t sing themselves, for they have no more voice than a crow; and they don’t like other people to sing.”The boy was dressed in a miner’s dress, with a curious cap on his head. He was a very nice-looking boy, with eyes as dark as the mines in which he worked and as sparkling as the crystals in their rocks. He was about twelve years old. His face was almost too pale for beauty, which came of his being so little in the open air and the sunlight—for even vegetables grown in the dark are white; but he looked happy, merry indeed—perhaps at the thought of having routed the goblins; and his bearing as he stood before them had nothing clownish or rude about it.”I saw them,” he went on, “as I came up; and I’m very glad I did. I knew they were after somebody, but I couldn’t see who it was. They won’t touch you so long as I’m with you.””Why, who are you?” asked the nurse, offended at the freedom with which he spoke.”I’m Peter’s son.””Who’s Peter?””Peter the miner.””I don’t know him.””I’m his son, though.””And why should the goblins mind you, pray?””Because I don’t mind them. I’m used to them.””What difference does that make?””If you’re not afraid of them, they’re afraid of you. I’m not afraid of them. That’s all. But it’s all that’s wanted—up here, that is. It’s a different thing down there. They won’t always mind that song even, down there. And if anyone sings it, they stand grinning at him awfully; and if he gets frightened, and misses a word, or says a wrong one, they—oh! don’t they give it him!””What do they do to him?” asked Irene, with a trembling voice.”Don’t go frightening the princess,” said the nurse.”The princess!” repeated the little miner, taking off his curious cap. “I beg your pardon; but you oughtn’t to be out so late. Everybody knows that’s against the law.”Based on the information in the passage, which character archetype does the boy most resemble?A. The caregiver because he was hired to take care of the princessB. The explorer because he will leave others behind to pursue his own interestsC. The everyman because even though he seems ordinary, he uses his knowledge and experience to escape a dangerous situationD. The magician because he is able to see what the future holds for Irene and her nurse Lootie